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Receipt Books(Triplicate)

Receipt Books(Triplicate)
Stationary / Receipt Books(Triplicate)

Status : Available
Type : Receipt Books(Triplicate)

Receipt Books for your daily business needs.


Price : Rs. 380.00

The Pictures Shown Above are Rendered to Attract Visitors, The Actual Product May Slightly Vary, Please Feel Free to Discuss Us Before taking any action and also Read the Terms And Condiions Section


  1. Each book contains 50 leaves.
  2.  Duplicate books 50 original + 50 duplicate leaves.
  3. Triplicate books 50 original + 50 duplicate + 50 triplicate laves.
  4. You can get as low as a single book.
  5. Select from duplicate (1+1) or triplicate (1+2) booksFirst copy : White paper, Second copy : yellow paper & Third copy : pink paper
  6. Size :  A4 size (8.26" x 11.69") or A5 size (5.85" x 8.26")
  7. You can choose your first copy to be either in colour or black & white. Second and Third copy will be in black & white only.
  8. Mention your starting sequence number. The sequence of numbering will start from that number.


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